The Art of Simplicity… Beer, Bread, Brisket

7 Months ago I had my first experience with Texas, BBQ. My friend Peer had moved from San Diego to Austin a few months prior to my arrival and began a search for the perfect Brisket. I quickly adopted the challenge as my own and developed a system which for me, was the ideal setup  for tasting ” Simplicity at its Finest”.

Some go for spicy, some tangy, some over salted, some over cooked. Some with coffee, some with who the fuck knows, but they at least go into it with a goal in mind. To make love to a very inexpensive cut of meat until it’s beautiful.

So far Franklin’s has been my favorite due to overall texture, the coffee in the rub, customer service, and the Sensationally Intense Molassesy Complexity of their sauce.

Always order the Mix (Lean and Fatty)


Salt Lick’s


Author: ChefMcKenna

Food as a Second Language

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