Bourbon Berry Derby Cups

Bourbon Berry Derby Cups are an unassuming treasure at a Derby Party.

Phyllo Cups

Blackberry/ Raspberries


Heavy Cream or some store bought prewhipped


Instructions Below


In a medium saucepan, add an equal amount of Blackberries and Raspberries into the pan. Lightly coat the tops of the Berries with regular sugar, Twice.

Stir the fruit gently, cook low until the fruit becomes macerated in its own perfectly sugared juices, then add Bourbon. A lot or a little depending whether you’d like it to cook out or give your cups a pleasant kick. I prefer the kick.

Finely dice up your mint leaves and either whip them into your store bought cream, or make your own. I use close to 3 Tbsp of Icing Sugar per Cup of Heavy Cream, but 2 would probably be sweet enough depending on how much sugar you decided to throw on those berries. Less is more sometimes.

Cool the berries down in the fridge until they are no longer hot. If they go in hot they’ll make the phyllo cups look like shit.

Any questions feel free to leave in the comment section