You can take the guy out of Delaware but…

Of the places I’ve lived, I have definitely spent the most time in Delaware. Crab Cakes with Old Bay are nearly as close to a Delawareans heart as Scrapple, Tax Free Shopping, or Salt Water Taffy. While at Restaurant Depot yesterday, I picked up a can of Lump Crab for myself, which yielded 8 Crab Cakes. The Cakes were simply Old Bay, Olive Oil, Mayo, Celery, Yellow Onion, Horseradish, Brown Mustard, Egg, and Panko. Broiled to Golden Brown via the Center oven Rack. Placed them over a Caper Aioli, and Green Chili Sauce on the side. ¬†Absolutely Delicious.

North Mexican Smore’s

Today I brushed my hand up against the sheet tray of Smore’s Bars for service, messing up the topping of one of the bars. So I rolled up the scraps of pie dough and made a Fried Smore’s PieRito. I topped the Rito with Neilsen Massey Vanilla Cream, Toasted Salty Sunflower seeds, Candied Bacon, Chocolate Ganache, and a couple of quartered Strawberries. When split in half the Honey Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Ganache, and Graham Cake poured out beautifully.